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After teasing her fans with elusive snake imagery, the sneaky serpent that is finally slithered into view with her new track "Look What You Made Me Do." Finally shedding her skin as the all-American, hopeless romantic, it's a tune that has simultaneously marked a sharp heel turn in the 27-year-old's focus and deliciously fed into our ravenous hunger for more celebrity drama. Without a doubt, the woman deserves a round of applause.

Yet, alongside dissecting the lyrics of T-Swift's latest banger and trying to decide whether it's actually worth the hype or not, some fans have also been pointing out unavoidable similarities between the star's new Reputation release and Right Said Fred's '90s classic "I'm Too Sexy." So much so, that Twitter exploded with posts like this:

However, while not trying to rain on anyone's parade, the fact of the matter is that British trio Right Said Fred were always aware that Swift would be borrowing their catchy beat all along. Unlike many artists before her, no, she didn't steal it. The band is even credited as co-writers on Taylor's latest swipe at all her haters — including and — tweeting:

Their representatives also spoke to The Fader, saying:

"The boys did not work with Taylor directly. Taylor and her team reached out to the guys about using the track and Right Said Fred were happy to oblige; they like what she does and are very pleased with Taylor’s interpolation."

So there you go, internet; although Tay Tay may have revamped herself as a hissing reptile in human form, she's not shady enough to borrow from a tune without asking first. We'll save that accidental indiscretion to her best friend Ed Sheeran instead.

Do you think Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" is the best thing to happen to the world since Kim Kardashian released "Jam (Turn It Up)?"

(Source: The Fader)


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