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Selecting an eight-panel jury for the trial of DJ David Mueller vs. Taylor Swift wasn't the easiest process, and fans of the pop star's music were the least likely to be selected. Potential jurors were given a 15-page questionnaire that honed in on their interest in the singer.

Along with inquiries about their knowledge of the allegations of the lawsuit, individuals were asked to circle all that applied of the following:

a. Listened to Taylor Swift on the radio?

b. Watched any Taylor Swift video (including online)?

c. Read a blog, magazine, or other news reporting about Taylor Swift?

d. Purchased a Taylor Swift album?

e. Paid money specifically to download or listen to Taylor Swift’s music online?

f. Intentionally listened to Taylor Swift through an online service that you pay


g. Intentionally listened to Taylor Swift through a free online service?

h. Gone to a Taylor Swift concert or performance?

Considering Swift has over 85 million fans on Twitter and 74 million on Facebook, finding someone who hadn't at least listened to one of the singer's songs couldn't have been an easy task. But an eight-member jury has been impaneled, and the trial began on August 8th.

Don't expect to see any behind-the-scenes tidbits about the trial from the jurors, though. According to the questionnaire, which required their signatures, they are explicitly prevented from communicating any information about what is happening in the courtroom.

I understand that I cannot communicate with anyone, conduct any research, or look up anything on the Internet about anything related to this case until the Judge tells me otherwise. I understand that this includes ANY communication, with anyone, or looking things up on the Internet, by social media or any other means (including but not limited to posting, commenting, or discussion on any blogs, listening to any podcasts, reading or posting on Facebook, or communicating via Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Vine, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, or any other method of communication).

The trial is expected to last nine days. and both David Mueller and Taylor Swift are expected to testify.

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