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It's been four years since the incident where DJ and KYGO radio host, David Mueller, allegedly groped Taylor Swift while posing for a photo. Since then, Mueller has been fired from the radio station despite his claims that it was an accident, and reacted by suing Swift for defamation. Taylor counter sued him for assault and battery, which has been the on the court's docket following a nine-day trial in Colorado set to take place on August 9. However, Swift has recently scored a pre-trial victory that could drastically help her case.

Mueller has recently admitted to destroying multiple electronic devices, which may have held key evidence. U.S. District Judge William Martinez set a ruling yesterday that granted 's attorneys permission to question Mueller about the now destroyed tape that was surreptitiously recorded by Mueller of a conversation between him and his boss just days before he was fired.

Martinez declared that the recording was key evidence since Mueller's KYGO boss, Robert Call, stated that Mueller had "changed his story" which resulted in his dismissal from the radio station. As Martinez wrote in his decision:

“Call explained that one reason for Plaintiff’s termination was because Call perceived Plaintiff had ‘changed his story that it couldn’t have occurred, then that it was incidental."

Mueller stated that he threw out the devices (a cell phone, laptop, iPad, and computer) because he had spilled coffee on his laptop's keyboard, claiming it was "fried." However the judge sanctioned that Mueller's actions were not in bad faith, though the evidence could have helped prove his claims. Documents acquired by the Denver Post show that the judge had this to say on the matter:

“He made the decision — inexplicably, in the court’s view — to alter the original evidence and to present his lawyer with only ‘clips’ hand-picked from the underlying is very hard to understand how he spent so little time and effort to preserve the very evidence which — one might think — could have helped him to prove his claims, and why he evidently responded with nonchalance when that evidence was lost.”

Mueller still holds fast to his claims that he accidentally brushed against Swift, though he has been accused of deliberately lifting up the pop singer's skirt and groping her. Swift previously testified that his gesture was not an accident, stating:

"We get in a photo formation with me in the middle, and that’s when right as the moment came for us to pose for the photo, he took his hand and put it up my dress and grabbed onto my ass cheek, and no matter how much I scooted over it was still there. It was not an accident, it was completely intentional, and I have never been so sure of anything in my life.”

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