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On August 21, 2017, the earth fell silent — when Taylor Swift reactivated her social media accounts and posted two cryptic posts that stunned the world. Perplexed fans stared at their computers and tried to decipher what Taylor could possibly be trying to tell us, and the internet exploded into speculation.

The first post simply showed a reptilian tail of some sort, as it moved back and forth while the video flickered like an old VHS tape desperately tracking. Most fans agreed that the creature in question was a snake — which is a reptile apparently has a fascination with — rather than a dragon’s tail, as fans of Game of Thrones believed.

The second post gave fans a better look at the snake’s body, but it shared the same rapid jerking movements and flickering VHS tracking as the first. The second post made it very clear that this is a snake in front of a black backdrop, but we still didn’t know why.

Could Taylor Swift be heralding an uprising where we are all subjugated under our snake overlords? Probably not, but Swift seems to be planning something huge.

Before the internet exploded, Taylor Swift's first post was prophesied by Director Joseph Kahn on Twitter, who spoke of Swift’s divine power, and sent Swift’s fans into chaos leading up to the first post on Monday:

Twitter Reacts To Taylor Swift's Cryptic Posts

Once Swift’s Instagram account went active, it gained 102 million followers overnight, which is extremely impressive, but these posts are confusing. Fans of Swift came to a logical conclusion that the posts are simply announcing her new album — which is likely the case — but Twitter erupted into a frenzy of hilarious tweets trying to guess what these posts could mean:

One Twitter user has gone above and beyond making jokes, and may have deciphered Taylor Swift’s post. Using some Sherlock Holmes-level logic, he deduced that the first teaser was 10 seconds and the second was 20, so that means Taylor Swifts new album will drop on 10/20/2017. This theory is popular among fans, with many guessing that the third teaser will be a 17-second video of the snake’s head:

Most soothsayers believe that an announcement of Swift’s new album — which is being referred to as "TS6" — is inbound, but we will have to wait and see. Taylor Swift has asserted her dominance over social media after withdrawing for short period of time, but she looks to be back with a vengeance.

Make sure you stay tuned for any slithery updates from Ms. Swift, since these posts seem to be the beginning of her massive social media campaign.

Sound off! What do you think Taylor Swift’s cryptic posts mean? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.


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