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This past weekend, millions of women and men around the world came together to protest sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia, climate change, and a host of other intersectional issues that affect all people. Celebrities were out in full force at the , giving speeches and marching alongside their fellow feminists.

Among this outpouring of support from the rich and famous, one superstar shone surprisingly dimly. Taylor Swift posted a single tweet about the march:

Who could argue with that, right? If you marched, Taylor loves and respects you, and if you didn't, well, neither did she!

Some fans reveled in the support.

Others are calling Swift's moderate stance on social and political issues opportunistic, simply a means of playing both sides in order to preserve her popularity — and record sales.

Plenty of people are still angry that she neglected to use her voice during one of the most divisive elections in American history.

But her undyingly loyal fanbase was there to stick up for their kween.

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Of course, Taylor wasn't the only celeb to tweet instead of move her feet. Her long-time rival also posted two tweets of support for the march, rather than show up in person.

So did Britney Spears.

And Nick Jonas.

Are tweets like the ones from Taylor Swift and the others the first step in showing solidarity with the causes of the Women's March? Or are they, as Jo Jo sings, too little too late? Discuss.


What do you think about celebs tweeting their support instead of joining the Women's March?

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