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Oh, snap. The cast of Fox's New Girl better hope their most recent guest star didn't fall in love with any cast members while she was on set, otherwise they might find themselves immortalized in her next mega-platinum album. That's right, none other than songstress will be appearing in the wedding-centric season finale as a wedding guest named Elaine, says EW.

And the cast and crew, well...they may or may not have been geeking out. And by "may or may not been", I mean "definitely were", at least according to showrunner :

"I’m a huge fan of hers,” she says. “I was fully geeking out about meeting [Taylor]. I didn’t go to meet her right away because I kind of had to compose myself — there’s a 14-year-old girl inside of me. She was quoting lines to us from the show. It was a really exciting night.

Here's your first look at T-Swift on set:

And lest you think she's just a pretty face who can sing, Swift apparently nailed it, as star said:

[It was] a little bit frustrating. She came in and is really nice. It’s not an easy scene. There were probably 70 extras there — though I’m sure she performs to so much bigger [crowds] than that on a regular basis. She had, like, a little monologue and delivered it perfectly. Liz gave her alternative jokes and lines, she delivered them all perfectly. It was frustrating!

Meriwether agrees:

She kind of came and nailed it. We love bringing in guest stars, but we really try to make it feel like they’re part of the show and it’s not just stunt casting.

Pretty cool (and also a little depressing) to know that Swift is an official triple-threat in entertainment. After missing out on the role of Eponine in last year's brilliant Les Miserables, how long do you think it is until we see her cast in a major Hollywood movie role?

In the meantime, you can catch her in the season finale of New Girl, which airs May 14th on Fox.


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