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Doctor Strange is now available on Digital HD and included in the mystical purchase are the whereabouts of the Prince of Asgard during Civil War.

While Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were having their buddy fight, the mighty Thor made a new friend and their adventures are utterly fantastic.

The first episode of "Team Thor" (the fabulous duo consisting of Thor Odinson and Darryl Jacobson) was first showed during last year's San Diego Comic-Con before hitting the internet months later. Thor, now rooming with Darryl in a busy Australian city, was conducting research on the Infinity Stones, trying to decipher exactly who the purple man on the floating chair is. (Hint: It's Thanos.)

Catch up on the first hilarious episode of "Team Thor" below:

An Average Everyday Guy

The second episode of "Team Thor" recently descended from the realm of all thing and the one-minute video is even more hilarious than the first.

Now the rent is due and Thor tries to convince Darryl to open a shop called "Asgardian-ware Previously Owned By Thor" to earn some cash, saying:

I'm a celebrity, that will sell like hotcakes.

When his new roomie tries to convince the Asgardian he should get a job to pay his fair share, Thor reminds his roommate he has the best job in the world: Saving the planet!

Check out the second episode below:

"Thor Is Covered In Brains And Has More Brains Than You"

Thor and Darryl are the definition of the perfect friendship, and entertainment. The duo feels like every college student with a housing plan, and we're dying for more of their adventures. This is the new series we need.

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Team Thor [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Team Thor [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Are your college roommates as cool as Thor and Darryl? Do you want to see episode three of Team Thor? Let me know in the comments below.


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