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If there are two things that scare the pants off me (among many other things on my lit), it would be alien abduction and demonic possession. It's these two mostly because those two are rooted in seeds of truth. We can't prove they've happened... but we can't entirely disprove it, either. Which means there is the possibility they could happen, that they're real. And because of that, the horror flicks that get to me the most are the ones based on true stories. That's when my brain goes, "Nope nope NOPE."

So you can imagine what my brain did when I watched the trailer for 's The Exorcism Diaries, the indie demonic horror film that is headed to Cannes. Check out the teaser trailer on YouTube, on McCollough's channel.

Now, if you've read any of my articles before, you know I'm getting really, really tired of the found footage conceit being used in horror films. But in this case, it works, because it further enhances the "realness" of it. Because hey, guess what, kids? That recording he listens to in the car? That's a real recording from the 2003 exorcism upon which this is based:

Out of every thousand exorcism cases, only five will defy medical science... this is one. Directed by Scott McCullough and written by Kenny Yakkel, the film centers on a real recording of an exorcism that causes the Church to investigate the deaths of two priests. Based on a true story with real recordings of a genuine exorcism conducted in Siberia.

The Exorcism Diaries is headed to Cannes next month, so let's hope someone picks up the distribution rights and brings this to theaters soon.


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