ByDavid Latona, writer at
David Latona

Universal Pictures has just announced the exact release date for the sequel to their highly successful 2012 comedy, Ted.

The exact day is forcibly June 26th. 2015; apparently there weren't many alternative options in that year's summer as it is already filled up with important premieres, and we all know how important the first box office weekend is to the prospects of a film vying to be high-grossing, which means studio execs always have an alert eye on the crucial aspect of the competition.

It seems like that late-June weekend is the only one available without having to compete with major franchises. For example, just two weeks before Ted 2 hits the screens, the world will see the arrival of Jurassic World, which is one of Universal's own major bets for the blockbusting championship title. The weekend before the Ted 2 premiere, we get the long-awaited adaptation of the classic video game Assassin's Creed. And, in the first weekend of July, we get doubly hit by Terminator Genisys (the reboot) and the Independence Day sequel, Independence Day Resurgence.

In Ted 2, we'll see the return of Family Guy creator as writer, director and co-star, along with the risqué-mouthed and womanizing teddy's best human friend, portrayed by . and , who wrote the original script, will also penn this continuation of the tale of a magical teddy bear who loves bong hits and four-lettered words.



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