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With Grey's Anatomy going into its fourteenth season in September, it's fair to say we've had a lot of character come and go in that time. But while most characters who have the misfortune of landing a job at the Seattle hospital end up leaving the series via a body bag (sorry, harsh truths), there's a lucky few who make it out alive.

One such character was Dr Teddy Altman, the former Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery, who left after Owen fired her, prompting her to chase her dream job at MEDCOM. Although Teddy left the series back in Season 8, she was (literally) called on in the Season 13 finale when Owen was seeking to confirm that his sister, Megan, had really been recovered. And now, it looks like we're going to see this bad ass doctor return in the flesh during 's upcoming fourteenth season.

It's been confirmed that Kim Raver will reprise her role as Teddy as part of a Season 14 guest arc, one which is probably tied to Owen's sister, Megan, returning from being held captive for 10 years in a war zone. Following the news that his sister had been found, Owen's PTSD was triggered as he struggled with the knowledge that he'd given his sister up for dead, when she was in fact alive. Teddy will undoubtedly be a great support to both Hunt siblings in their recovery, and who knows, she might even help Dr. Maggie Pierce (the current Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery) on a case while she's back in the hospital.

'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC]
'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC]

But while Teddy's return has been confirmed, there's still many more characters from past seasons of Grey's Anatomy who fans would love to see return to the series at some stage. Take a look below at these gone-but-not-forgotten characters whose return to Grey's Anatomy would surely be celebrated:

1. Cristina Yang

She's Meredith's person, and being such an important character within the Grey's Anatomy world means that it'd be totally gutting if Cristina Yang didn't make a guest appearance sometime soon. Yang left Seattle back in Season 10 to work at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research in Switzerland, though we know she returned for Derek's funeral after his death in Season 11 (through the use of a stand-in rather than actor Sandra Oh), so it's possible she could return to the series at another stage to see her friends and former colleagues.

2. Dr. Addison Montgomery

'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC]
'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC]

Yes, she left Grey's Anatomy for Private Practice, but over the years we've seen Dr. Montgomery return to Seattle more than once, so why not again some time in the future!? These days, as far as we know, Addison is still married to Jake and a mom to Henry, and although her little family seem very content in California, there could be any number of ways that the show could bring her back— including for a medical case, or perhaps to support her friend, Amelia Shepherd.

3. Dr. Erica Hahn

Bad ass cardiothoracic surgeon Erica Hahn came into Grey's Anatomy in Season 2 following the departure of Dr. Burke. She stuck around on the show until early in Season 5, when she quit after learning that Izzie had stolen the heart for Denny (which had initially been destined for one of Hahn's own patients), and that nothing had been reported. Despite leaving the hospital — and her relationship with Callie — on bad terms, there could still be potential for Hahn to return to the hospital, especially since the hospital has merged and rebranded since she left, and because Callie is now gone.

4. Dr. Izzie Stevens

'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC]
'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC]

You knew she had to be on here somewhere! Dr. Izzie Stevens was one of the original five interns at the beginning of the series, though made an exit from the series in Season 6. While the character was reportedly written out of the show due to issues arising between actor Katherine Heigl and show creator Shonda Rhimes, Izzie wasn't actually killed off. Instead, she kind of just left for places unknown.

The last we heard of Izzie she had sent Alex signed divorce papers, and while her storyline seems pretty well wrapped up, let's face it: in this universe, there's always a possibility of a surprising return.

Which Grey's Anatomy character would you like to see return to the show? Tell me in the comments below!

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