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It has been reported that the popular (perhaps somewhat infamous) Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go! will be getting a feature film next summer. Next to no details have been released except the release date and that this will be replacing an untitled animated film that was scheduled to release June 2018. The voice actor for Beast Boy later confirmed on Twitter that it will be a feature film coming to theaters July 27, 2018.

If you don't know what Teen Titans Go! is, you're in luck because I do. Teen Titans Go! is a comedy spin-off of the 2003 action-focused Teen Titans series. Teen Titans Go! focuses on the same cast as the 2003 series, including Beast Boy, Raven, Robin, Starfire and Cyborg. Unlike this earlier version of these characters, the Teen Titans Go! version takes a comedic approach — to the point of parody. The show also have a drastically different art style from the 2003 series with a chibi-like art style.

[Credit: Cartoon Network]
[Credit: Cartoon Network]

Teen Titans Go! is infamous for its humor, monopolizing the Cartoon Network schedule and being too dissimilar to the 2003 series, but its not all negative press. The show is praised for its humor, self awareness, parodies of the 2003 series and other TV shows and movies. I personally like Teen Titans Go! and I find that after Season 2 the show found its footing and became funny.

This isn't the only Teen Titans thing we're getting in 2018. The DC streaming app will have a new Teen Titans live-action show. So if you're a Teen Titans fan, 2018 is a exciting year for you.

Why It's A Good Thing

[Credit: Cartoon Network]
[Credit: Cartoon Network]

Even if you hate Teen Titans GO!, this is actually a great opportunity 2D Cartoons. Popular animation Youtuber RebelTaxi released a video called "How Rugrats Ended 2D Disney Animation." In the video, he goes in-depth on how and why 2D animated films based on cartoon series and original 2D animation in theaters died out. It all basically boiled down to oversaturation, as well as audiences getting bored of the films due to the quality.

A Teen Titans Go! 2D animated film could bring back 2D animated films, especially those based off television cartoons. 2D animated cartoons have seen a renaissance on TV and streaming services with shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Voltron and others. Many contemporary 2D animated cartoons are being praised for their humor, storytelling, world building, characters and unique art styles, so this is the time to bring this into film.

If a 2D animated Teen Titans Go! film is a success both critically and financially, it could bring the renaissance for 2D animation that we're seeing on TV and streaming services to the big screen. Cartoons like Steven Universe could get wide-release feature films in theaters with increased budgets. There could be more original 2D animated film that have wide-releases to theaters. This could even lead to books, comics and other stories being adapted as 2D animated films. This all could happen if a 2D Teen Titans Go! movie is a success.

So my fellow animation fans, the future of 2D animation in theaters could be on this Teen Titans Go! movie shoulders. If the early buzz for the Teen Titans Go! movie is good, we should go out and support it financially. Then finally hopefully we can get more 2D animated wide-release films in theaters in the future.

Are you excited for the Teen Titans Go! Movie? Do you agree if the movie is a success it could lead to more 2D animated films in theaters? Tell me with a comment below.

[Source: Screen Rant, Deadline, RebelTaxi via Youtube]


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