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Death has always been a part of Teen Wolf. Since its debut in June 2011, the series has racked up an impressive body count. The show doesn't shy away from eliminating popular characters either, and it looks like the final season isn't going to be any different.

According to a TVLine interview with Linden Ashby, who portrays Sheriff Stilinski in the series, the death rate is going to get even higher before takes its final bow:

“It’s a really cool season, and yes, a lot of people actually do die. It’s really about fear and people coming together in different camps, and it’s about intolerance. It’s about a lot of things that are pretty current right now. I think it’s going to be good.”

Now we're left with one burning question: Who is going to survive? Let's take a look at the characters who will probably be around once the smoke clears in Beacon Hills. And keep our fingers crossed that more get added to the list!

Scott McCall

As the Alpha and the ultimate Teen Wolf, Scott will survive. The proof lies in an interview the showrunner, Jeff Davis, had with Forbes back in 2016 in which he admitted that he'd had a discussion with and about a potential Teen Wolf movie:

"Tyler and I always talk about doing a movie. [MTV] might kill me if I say yes. But, something like that [a movie] was discussed."

Stiles Stilinski

We already know that Stiles isn't going to be around as much for the final half of the season, since he is going to be focusing on his pre-FBI program at George Washington University. Though here have been some hints at cameos, it's doubtful he would be brought in just to be killed off. That would cheapen his death and burn bridges with fans. If a movie is a possibility, Stiles needs to be part of it.

Lydia Martin

As a banshee, Lydia has been instrumental in alerting the team to deaths, finding people who seemingly can't be found, and saving the day with her killer vocals. She's proven to be an asset to the team and to Stiles. Killing her off would only be for shock value, which would be very surprising to see in the final 10 episodes.

Unfortunately, these are the only three cast members whose outcomes are fairly set in stone — although, I do have doubts about the demises of Chris Argent and Melissa McCall. Still, if the series wanted to turn Scott into the biggest, meanest Alpha on the face of the planet, making his mother a victim would do just that, which is why I don't think her survival is secure.

Though all other cast members may be on shaky ground, there might be a reason to take heart from Jeff Davis's words to Forbes:

"I’ve had these conversations with Tyler Posey. He and I talked about it. We always think we kind of like the idea of having the series finale be kind of a “the adventure continues…” finale, knowing that something else is going to happen in their lives and they’ll keep going. I don’t really want to do the ending that blows up everything and half the cast dies. I don’t know if that’s right for this kind of show."

Unless plans have changed, continuing the adventure would require most of the cast, especially if there is any hope for a future movie.

Who do you think will be left standing at the end of Teen Wolf?

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