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Romance always plays a major role in teen stories, and Teen Wolf is no exception. Several couples have come and gone over the past six seasons, but none have lasted long, mostly because of the dangers of living in Beacon Hills.

That hasn't stopped fans from rooting for Scott and Stiles to find love in the face of their unusual and death-defying lives. In fact, Stiles and Lydia's romance, nicknamed , was a sore spot for many as the series danced around the connection for five and a half seasons. All fans wanted was a happily ever after for the two teenagers who started this journey together.

As it turns out, Executive Producer Jeff Davis has a different take on the romance on the show, the one that is perhaps the strongest.

We can't say we blame him, considering everything these guys have been through together. What started out as two teens trying to survive high school has turned into a werewolf and his best friend attempting to survive everything that wants to kill them. Except for the brief period of time when wasn't himself, Scott and Stiles's friendship has remained the strongest of relationships on the show. Viewers were more than a little nervous that Dylan O'Brien might not return for the final season.

Davis says Stiles wasn't originally going to be part of Season 6b, but he's happy Stiles is returning to wrap up the series.

"I can tell you that it wasn't intended for Stiles to actually be a part of these last 10 episodes, but I always had it in my heart that Dylan would come back for at least the series finale. I'm actually really happy that we were able to build a good bit of story in about Stiles, and get him in more than just the finale, so it's important to show where these characters are going. We have many many characters that are close to my heart on the show, but the show started with Stiles and Scott..."

We certainly can't blame Davis for his excitement, as we're just as happy to see the bromance of Scott and Stiles once more. All along fans have wanted the two teens to find a true connection. As it turns out, they've had it all along.

What will you miss the most about Scott and Stiles?

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