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Teen Wolf fans, get ready to howl in dismay. Dylan O'Brien isn't returning for the final part of Season 6B — at least not as a series regular. According to Blasting News, Stiles may have cameos in the show's last season, but viewers shouldn't expect any major role.

When speaking to TVLine, Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Stilinski (and Stiles's father) on the werewolf drama, confirmed that he and his television son would still keep the lines of communication open, even though Stiles will be focused on the pre-FBI program at George Washington University:

“Well, you know, we call each other every day. And we email and text, so it’s OK.”

O'Brien did post a picture on his Instagram page, which seems to tease at a reappearance on . However, it is possible the show will merely use flashbacks or pictures to include the former star.

With O'Brien gone from the series, there's a hole to be filled. Without his best friend, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) may be a little lost, as he was in the first part of Season 6. Perhaps a werewolf might fill the void?

(Jackson) posted a pic to his Instagram page, which has set tongues to wagging, and his fans are desperate to know if he's making the journey back to Beacon Hills.

We have no way of knowing if Haynes was simply sharing the news of the upcoming final season or if he was hinting that he was returning. Fans certainly hope the actor will return to Beacon Hills to finish out his storyline which ended abruptly at the end of Season 2 when his character was sent to London.

If Haynes does return, it might ease some of the sting of not seeing Stiles, even though Jackson and Scott were never the best of friends. It might be interesting to see how the two interact now considering Scott is the alpha. But we all know that wisecracking Stiles was one of the many reasons why the show works so well.

Though Dylan O'Brien's work on the first part of the season was restricted due to his injuries while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the MTV series made the most of the time they did have with him, and we can only hope that we're able to see at least an episode or two with Mieczyslaw "Stiles" Stilinski before the credits appear onscreen for the final time.

Do you think Teen Wolf will be the same without Stiles? Let me know in the comments below!

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