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We're halfway through the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf, and the intensity keeps ramping up. And it's only fitting that, before the series ends, it gave a final nod to the original 1985 film.

In the Teen Wolf movie, Scott McCall (Michael J. Fox) struggled to keep his werewolf abilities in check at school. Feeling the urge to shift, Scott ran out of his classroom and down the hallway to a nearby bathroom, where he calmed himself down and prevented the transformation from happening. Check out the original scene below:

Unfortunately, the callback to that scene in last night's episode of MTV's Teen Wolf didn't end so positively. It was Liam, rather than Scott, trying to keep his werewolf nature in check at school.

After Nolan and his bloodthirsty lacrosse friends found out that Liam was different, they decided to make a spectacle out of it by forcing Liam to shift into a werewolf while at school. Nolan attempted several times to get Liam to shift, but he just couldn't do it. Liam kept himself controlled throughout the whole ordeal, even holding his reserve during a brutal beating from Nolan and Gabe.

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]

The key to Liam's level of control turned out to be the mantra that Scott taught him. But even so, the high school — and Beacon Hills in general — are still afraid of the supernatural, trying to kill anyone with ties to it. (Never mind that Liam and the rest of Scott's pack are responsible for saving the townspeople on more than one occasion.)

With the fear monster still plaguing the town, the people of Beacon Hills are going to continue hunting Liam and his friends. Unless Scott and his pack put the ancient evil back in its tomb, Gerard and his followers will settle for nothing less than genocide. Hopefully, Scott's pack will figure out how to end this war before the casualties leave both sides drowning in blood.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays on MTV.

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