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Arrow (Movie) actor 's recently gave Flicks and the City a giant scoop, saying that his former Teen Wolf co-star, actress , could replace as Mary Jane or "another character" in director 's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or The Spectacular Spider-Man. Haynes then goes onto praise Woodley, who was notoriously cut from the project after photos of her on the set appeared online that failed to please diehard fans. was rumored to have the part of the new MJ, but this is the first we've heard of someone else getting the role ( doesn't count).

Watch the video here:


I'd be really happy if this ends up being true. Roden definitely has a cult following due to Teen Wolf, but this would allow her to show her talents to a much broader audience. More importantly, she has the whole hot-headed and red headed thing down pat. Do you guys know Rodden from her work on Teen Wolf? Would be interested in seeing her taking on such an iconic role?

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