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Tonight's Teen Wolf brings the search for Stiles to a head when Scott finally begins to understand Lydia's desperate search to recover the memories she can sense they've lost. Since Stiles was taken by the Wild Huntsman and erased from reality, Lydia Martin has been the only one who has been able to remember Stiles as he asked her to just before he told her he loved her and disappeared from time.

However, in this exclusive clip from tonight's Teen Wolf titled "Radio Silence," it seems that Stiles' best friend Scott is wising up to the fact that someone very close to him and important is gone — though he doesn't know yet who that is.

In the clip, Lydia is trying to prevent Stiles' empty Jeep from being towed. She understands that it could be a key in finding out who this Stiles person is and will stop at nothing to preserve it. The unpleasant tow truck driver is refusing Lydia's request when Scott shows up to back her up and help save the Jeep. $150 later, the Jeep is safe and Scott and Lydia are now officially partners in their search for Stiles.

Watch the clip below:

Can Lydia And Scott Save Stiles Together?

While there have been clues that Scott can tell someone or something is missing from his life, he has yet to join Lydia on her quest to find out who Stiles is and where he went. Scott stepping up to help Lydia keep the Jeep shows that he is beginning to see what Lydia sees and will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

If the pair can get into the Jeep, there is a chance that Lydia's abilities will help her recover some memory or clue of the night she sat with Stiles as he was taken and erased from reality. Another theory is that the Jeep could be a sort of portal for communication between reality and the world Stiles is trapped in. If Lydia and Scott could help each other remember Stiles, the Jeep could be the answer to saving him.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 5 "Radio Silence" airs tonight at 9/8C on MTV!


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