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MTV's Teen Wolf Season 3 official trailer has finally hit and with a tagline like 'This might hurt,' it's definitely promising some pain. We got a taste for how much of a shakeup we might be in for with the ominous short character teasers that have been going around, and now we get the whole preview right here:


Looks like we are definitely going lose a few people this season, but this isn't much of a surprise after Season 2's carnage. The question is, who are we going to lose in the process? The trailer is giving us all kinds of probable and improbable teases, with leader of the alpha pack, Deucalion (), telling Derek () that he needs to kill a member of his pack and then cutting to all sorts of crazy stuff like Lydia () possibly getting framed? It looks to me like if we're going to lose people, she might be come collateral damage in the wake of the alpha pack.

Then, there's no-small matter of Deucalion most likely pitting Derek and Scott () against each other. This will be interesting to say the least, if only because it there's the overarching theme of Derek and Scott needing each other. If Derek has to get rid of someone, I'm putting my money on Isaac () getting the chop. He's been around long enough for some people to actually enjoy him as a character, and if he weren't around you'd notice. Well, sort of.

And Jackson ()? He's suspiciously un-alluded to, even though the end of Season 2 hinted at his not being entirely dead. The same goes for Boyd () and Erica (), though I get the feeling they'll be sticking around.

Looks like the only sane one in Season 3 is going to Stiles (). Again.

Teen Wolf returns Monday, June 3 at 10pm EST on MTV.

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