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Teen Wolf’s final season will include the return of several fan-favorite former characters and a plot right out of HP Lovecraft. It promises a super-creepy summer for fans. In all the emotion and excitement we felt during the official end of production last week, it’s easy to forget that we still have 10 new episodes — chock full of wolfie goodness — still to come.

In a series of interviews with executive producer Jeff Davis, I picked up several details of what you can expect once the final episodes begin airing. If you are spoiler-averse — or just want the estimated debut date — I recommend that you jump to the last section now.

Which 'Teen Wolf' Characters Are Coming Back?

In the seven years the show’s been in production, several members of the Teen Wolf family moved on to other gigs. Jeff Davis says he wanted the final 10 episodes to be a family reunion of sorts.

“I will tell you that more people than I expected are showing up to say goodbye to the show. I had a list of people I wanted back, and I’m getting far more than I expected. It’s really nice, kind of a testament to how much everyone enjoyed being on the show that they all want to come back.”

MTV won’t let Davis tell us exactly who will return, but other sources on set were more forthcoming.

Fans spotted and filmed Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) on set during February. We can only confirm he was on location for one filming day, but it’s expected he’ll have a sizable role at the end of the season. We last saw Derek in Season 4. Unfortunately, since it appears his return will be brief, we don’t expect to get much detail on where he’s been.

Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) was also there and ended up on that fan video, but Teen Wolf News learned of his return weeks before from a highly-placed source within the MTV production. Originally, O’Brien wrapped up his time with the show back in December with the completion of Episode 610.

'Teen Wolf' Costumer Daniel Flores and Dylan O'Brien (credit: @idanumali)
'Teen Wolf' Costumer Daniel Flores and Dylan O'Brien (credit: @idanumali)

In January, after most of the second half of the season was already filmed, the production cut a new deal to bring him back for a few more episodes. His role will be limited, but we expect to at least “see” the character in three of the final ten episodes.

We’ve also confirmed Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan), Peter Hale (Ian Bohen), and Scott’s Dad (Matthew Del Negro) will be back.

JR Bourne and Micheal Hogan (credit: Jeff Davis)
JR Bourne and Micheal Hogan (credit: Jeff Davis)

We can’t confirm the return of Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes), but we do know both Haynes and Jeff Davis wanted him to return. “All I can say is yes, we’re talking,” Davis told Teen Wolf News back in January. Again, MTV placed a gag order on Davis and others to keep them from talking about actors returning.

The Summer Of Lovecraft

Davis seems very excited about the primary plot of the final episodes. He promises a gory horror show, unlike anything the series explored previously.

“6b is very much a story of the outsider. Scott and his friends become pariahs once again in Beacon Hills. It is about the rise of new hunters. It is also a season that is sort of inspired by HP Lovecraft. It’s definitely a season of very dark horror. We have some of our grossest stuff coming your way.”

If you’re unfamiliar, Lovecraft excelled with tales of mad cults worshiping otherworldly gods and created a grotesquery of monsters to haunt and feed upon an unsuspecting human race. There’s a lot there with which the Teen Wolf writers can work. We’ve already seen at least one example of what’s to come.

This image of “skinless man" was leaked from the set during production. Also, during my visit to Teen Wolf headquarters back in October, I learned of another creature they’re calling “The Faceless,” its skin appears to be melting.

The promised “rise of new hunters” is exciting for fans since they were Beacon Hills’ original bad guys. Over the years. two main groups of werewolf hunters appeared. There were the Argents, all of whom either turned good or died (or both). Then we had the Calaveras who hunted down in Mexico and adhered strictly to the “werewolf bad” philosophy. It appears these “new hunters” will include some younger members.

“We have several new kids that we’re really excited about who are both good guys and bad guys that step into the story in big ways.”

Among those joining the cast are Andrew Matarazzo and Froy Gutierrez. Benjamin Wadsworth will also appear in a “key role” in the finale.

When Does 'Teen Wolf' Debut?

MTV announced new episodes of Teen Wolf will begin airing “this summer.” The network steadfastly refuses to give an exact date. As it turns out, that may be because the show’s return date already changed once as Jeff Davis explains.

“There originally was a plan to air all 20 episodes back to back. When new MTV president Chris McCarthy came in, he said, ‘Why are we doing that? Let’s not do that.’”

The push to summer places Teen Wolf back on familiar ground. Seasons 1–3 debuted in early June. Seasons 4 and 5 came near the end of June. While MTV remains mum on the exact date, if they follow tradition we can expect to see new episodes in June.

Teen Wolf debut Dates [Credit: Teen Wolf News]
Teen Wolf debut Dates [Credit: Teen Wolf News]

There is one other possibility. The very first episode of Teen Wolf — way back in 2011 — debuted after the MTV Movie Awards. If the network suits are feeling nostalgic, they might try to recreate that magic by pairing the two shows again. It would certainly boost the number of eyeballs watching the first episode.

If that is the case, we could see new episodes start on May 7. While that’s not technically “summer,” it’s close enough. It’s more likely the network will use their Movie Awards to promote the series in some way. We expect at least a teaser trailer to air at some point during the May 7 broadcast.

Until Teen Wolf is back on TV, you can get caught up on the show via, the MTV app, iTunes or Amazon.



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