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Teen Wolf wrapped its final season on Sunday, September 24th, but its ending was more of a "see you soon" rather than a goodbye. People we thought would die didn't, some characters were redeemed, and others were still standing at the end, leaving big question marks about the others we didn't see. All in all, it was a phenomenal job, especially since it effectively set the scene for a reboot, a revival, or a movie, whichever executive producer Jeff Davis wants to pursue in the future, and there is no doubt Davis isn't ready to let the successful series go.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the series finale of Teen Wolf.

In fact, Davis recently talked to CBR about the potential for a new series, but it's a little different from the podcasts mentioned in the past:

"The only idea I had in my mind is if you set it in a completely new place. It’s so hard for me to see a “Teen Wolf” revival without Tyler Posey. The idea I could see happening is Tyler as the Professor X character, and he brings in a whole new crew of werewolves and teenagers and they’re his new pack under his tutelage. I could see that, sort of like how the Dark Knight Returns comic book ends where old Bruce Wayne has a whole new team of proteges to train. I could see that, that would be fun. And I know Posey would probably be up for it."

The ending of Teen Wolf, with the introduction of Alec, a sixteen-year-old boy running from the hunters, is the perfect beginning for a reboot as he could be Scott's first protege. Leaving Liam at Beacon Hills to battle any new threats, Scott would be open to training new werewolves around the world.

Davis purposefully left one major threat alive and well when the series wrapped—Monroe, the guidance counselor turned hunter—and her thirst for Scott McCall's death knows no end. So there's little doubt she would chase him around the world, which sets up an initial threat. In fact, that was Davis' idea:

"I liked the idea of a constant threat being out there. I liked the flash-forward where you see she’s really taken up the mantle worldwide. It was a way of broadening the scope of the story."

There's no question that fans would flock to a re imagining of the show, especially if Tyler Posey took the reins again. Social media was filled with heartbreak and gratitude of fans who will miss Teen Wolf. So the viewers remain. Now the question is how long will and Jeff Davis make us wait for more werewolves?

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