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Here are my season 3 Teen Wolf ships: **spoilers* if you haven’t seen The Overlooked sx3x10)

  • Sciaasic (Scott/Isaac)
  • Allisaac (Allison/Isaac)
  • Scallision (Scott/Allison)
  • Stora (Styles/Cora)
  • Stydia (Styles/Lydia, friendship/romance)
  • Corsaac (Cora/Isaac)
  • Sceter (Scott/Peter)
  • Dethan (Danny/Ethan)
  • Erica/Boyd (I have no clue what the hell that ship name was but I loved it)
  • Melissa/Sheriff (Kind off self explanitory but Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilisnki)
  • Melissa/Peter (I still ship them. SO sue me!)
  • Dennifer (It's on insanely thin ice. I don't want to hate her, but I can't help it right now)
  • Sterek (Stiles/Derek)

Here’s why the hell I ship them!

1) Sciassic

Isaac’s loyalty to Scott despite the fact Derek changed him/is his Alpha is one of the cutest things on the face of the damn planet. It’s also because Tyler Poesy and Daniel Sharman are amazing people and just lovely actors so the scene such as the scene in Frayed (sx3x05) when Isaac is punching the living shit out of Ethan, and all Scott had to do was yell Isaac’s name and BAM, Isaac snapped out of it. I love them as a bromance, I love them as a relationship, I love there overall friendship development between season 2 and now in season 3 at episode 10 The Overlooked when Isaac wouldn’t leave without Scott until Peter yelled at him to get the Argents.

2) All-isaac

Okay this ship was honestly fueled by the fact Crystal & Daniel were going out, who I hope will get back together. However, after the lovely Teen Wolf writers have started to give them more scenes together I began to ship them. Such as Fireflies, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, The Overlooked, I just think they would be rather adorable together romantically in the show, but I’ll love just an adorable friendship budding between them.

3) Sc-allision

It’s been cannon since season 1 and they are adorable. I just want the two of them to experience other relationships before they get back together, if they do that is.

4) St-ora

Stiles and Cora would be adorable together because of the classic love/hate relationship the two of them have. All of The Overlooked made me a very happy Stora shipper, just saying. The entire CPR scene that ended with ‘The next time I put my lips to your mouth you BETTER be awake!’’ It’s become a ship that sails themselves.

5) Sty-dia

I've loved the romantic possibility of Stiles and Lydia since season 1, despite the fact she was with Jackson in both seasons. However, I have really enjoyed the friendship that the two of them have this season. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like at least one kiss which it seems like we will be getting in Alpha Pact sx3x11.

6) Cor-saac

Since Cora was brought into the show in Chaos Rising I have loved the idea of the two of them together. Isaac rushing to grab her in Fireflies after Derek had a royal beating by Cora and Boyd (don’t even get me started on that scene- I won’t even be coherent) and just over all any scene with the two of them makes me happy.

7) Sc-eter

This one isn't romantic, it's more so a sass fest that I love between the two of them. I mean obviously Scott and Peter won't be a thing but the sass/sarcasm between the two of them since season 1 is always amazing. "You couldn't have waited, like, ten seconds?!" Oh Peter, you sassy sonofabitch.


Finally! Danny gets some action and it's adorable at the same time! I love that Danny humanizes Ethan though it seems like out of the Twins Ethan is the more human one of the two. Either way, I'm thrilled this ship exists in the show officially.


This was a ship that sailed itself in season 2 and sadly never truly got to live on screen in season 3 the way I would've liked, but it was great while it lasted and now will forever live in Fanfiction. Hopefully they'll magically be brought back to life because I’m tired of Derek living with the world on his shoulders.

10) Melissa/Sheriff

These two just need to elope so Stiles and Scott can be stepbrothers. The two of them are priceles,s and I will be devastated when Melissa eventually dies because Melissa Ponzio has been cast as a full time character in The Walking Dead.

11) Melissa/Peter

I still ship them due to season 1 and The Overlooked scene between the two of them was perfect. Melissa: You’re supposed to be dead. Peter: I get that a lot actually. Also the sheer fact that Peter backed away into the shadows when he saw Melissa was rather painful.

12) D-eniffer

I loved my theory that Jennifer was in fact Paige brought back to life by Peter when they were younger. But Jeff kind of killed that literally when he said that Paige's death caused Julia to exist. So uh maybe now they’re Dulia? Either way, I still like them together when she’s not trying to kill f**king everyone!

13) St-erek

I have loved the possibility of Sterek since season 1. However, the two of them haven’t exactly been friends so I don’t mind waiting for this to bloom into something romantic so I will take all of the other types of scenes I can get between them until they are both ready. Frankly, Derek’s still dealing with the world on his shoulders, Stiles seems to actually have a thing for Cora and Lydia, they just aren’t ready. However that defibrillator scene was priceless. Derek is starting to really show some type of caring for Stiles, yes, we did see some in season 1 and 2 but not in the way it’s been developing in season 3.

So, questions, comments, what ship do you sail for Teen Wolf?


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