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MTV is moving Teen Wolf to Sundays at 8PM on July 30. Sundays are usually the best night for TV, with the highest available number of total viewers. However, traditional ratings trend lower in summer, so the move could mean Teen Wolf struggles to attract an audience.

MTV Pushes Into Weekends

Teen Wolf’s move to Sunday came as a surprise to many fans. Traditionally, MTV doesn't do much first-run programming on the night, scheduling reruns, movies or award events instead. That changed in May. The network tested its redux of My Super Sweet 16 and new reality series Promposal for two Sundays at 7 PM and 7:30 PM respectively before moving both to Monday nights. Executive Producer Jeff Davis said:

“Sunday night is proving to be a prime spot for MTV’s demo."

Indeed, according to MTV, adding originals to Sunday night worked well. MSS16 and Promposal performed significantly better than the net’s regular weekend fare, with significant ratings increases in both female teens and women 18–24.

That would seem to bode well for Teen Wolf, where the fandom skews majority female (64 percent) according to Quantcast demographics from Teen Wolf Wikia. However, those time period increases belie the fact that the average total audience for each of those debuts came in well below 400,000, and both suffered a significant drop in viewership in their second outings.

Little Competition For Teen Wolf Sundays

Davis went on to say:

“I think not having the show debut new episodes at the same time as 'This Is Us' - the number one new series on all of TV — is a great idea."

If it returned to its former night and time (Tuesdays at 9 PM) Teen Wolf would eventually run up against the popular family drama when it returns on September 26. The NBC powerhouse sucks up a huge portion of the available audience and relegates most of its competition to time-shifted viewing.

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]

In contrast, Teen Wolf’s new night is mostly clear sailing for live viewing. Starting on July 30, new episodes mostly run up against reality shows and sports (Big Brother, preseason NFL, MLB), with a few second-runs of big shows like Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks hitting at 8 PM throughout August.

The first real scripted competition comes during Teen Wolf Episode 617. Seth MacFarlane's comedy-sci-fi space opera The Orville debuts new episodes on Fox on September 10 and 17 after the network’s NFL offering. The next major competition (also from Fox) comes during the Teen Wolf series finale in October when The Simpsons and the rest of their animation/comedy block returns.

Does The Time Slot Even Matter Though?

In the end, Davis says today’s fractured television viewing landscape means ratings numbers and time slots are less important to Teen Wolf in its final season.

“I’m not particularly invested in nights or times these days as that’s not how most of our audience chooses to view the show. It’s interesting to see the evolution of the business and how TV shows aren’t so much aired anymore as they are released like a book or an album.”

How about it? Will you follow Teen Wolf to its new night and time? Teen Wolf returns for the final ten episodes of the series on July 30. You can catch the debut on MTV, MTV app, iTunes and Amazon.


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