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In case you haven't caught up on the latest episodes of Teen Wolf, you'll be happy to know Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) has returned to the forefront of the supernatural battle being waged in Beacon Hills. However, Derek isn't returning to Season 6B without his fair share of rival werewolves and hunters to contend with.

Apart from being stalked by a group of hunters who appear to be under the tutelage of Gerard Argent, Derek is also on the FBI's most wanted list, which Stiles learns of during his first day at the FBI.

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]

Stiles is given a breakdown on a suspect who continued to elude the FBI, and he began asking questions about the individual. At one point the rundown includes an image of Derek sprinting through a forest, eliciting a visible reaction from Stiles. Luckily, Stiles doesn't give away his affiliation with Derek, while at the same time learning of Derek being wanted for murder. It's unclear how many murders Derek is accused of, but if the FBI is actively looking for him, he must be in some serious trouble. But that draws up an even more important question, has Derek gone dark and started killing innocents?

In all likelihood, Derek hasn't turned evil. The allegations brought up against him are likely a misunderstanding. Derek doesn't stick around to answer questions when people get killed, so he probably fled the site of one of the mass graves he himself was investigating. If that's the case, Derek could have easily been mistaken for the actual culprit responsible for killing countless werewolves and people alike. Unfortunately, until the real culprit is uncovered, Derek will most likely remain under investigation.

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MTV]

An image of Derek in the Season 6B trailer depicts him leaning on Stiles, bleeding heavily. Stiles can also be seen in an FBI uniform, which means he potentially risks his career and life to keep Derek from being captured. Derek still looks to be in bad shape, forced to use Stiles as support, so could this be the end for him?

Since we're into the final season of Teen Wolf, we shouldn't put it past the writers to kill of several major characters, including Derek Hale. As far as possible deaths go, Derek's seems like the most feasible at the moment. With his character arc needing a final note to close the book on him forever, being taken down or killed in a hail of bullets would seem appropriate. Hopefully his werewolf abilities save him once again, or someone proves Derek's innocence, because it would be a shame to see him killed off in the final episodes of the series. He's made it this far and should be one of the survivors to close out Teen Wolf.

Are you prepared for Derek's possible death in the final season of Teen Wolf? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Sundays.


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