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When Scott McCall became a true Alpha, many fans expected to see him become the ultimate leader, not necessarily like Derek Hale, but definitely more assertive than he has been. Looking at both Derek and Peter, fans had an indication of how much damage an Alpha could do and how much authority they wielded over the paranormal population.

While Scott has been an Alpha for several seasons, he has not yet embraced the inner beast that will make him virtually unstoppable; and some consider that a good thing because it allows Scott to hold onto the part of himself that still yearns to be just a teenage boy finishing high school.

Both Derek and Peter Hale had experienced trauma in their lives, including the loss of their families. There was an anger simmering below the surface of both werewolves that Scott does not have, and it makes us wonder if Scott will need a trigger to become as destructive.

Scott's power remains in his compassion for others, and he has resisted killing unless it was absolutely necessary — something other Alphas have most definitely not done. However, with deaths predicted for the final 10 episodes of , it's possible that one of them will be the catalyst that propels Scott into embracing the darkness inside.

As we know, Scott is not naturally aggressive, and he doesn't have that need to be the leader. He didn't ask to become a true Alpha, and he'd probably be just as content being a Beta. Nevertheless, with the series finale looming, it will be surprising if Teen Wolf doesn't give us at least one moment in which Scott explodes and becomes an Alpha everyone fears.

When EW spoke with showrunner, Jeff Davis, he indicated that Scott would become a leader, and we would get a sense of his complete evolution.

"In 6B, it all goes back to Scott’s character and where Scott would be going from here, finally going from teen wolf to man wolf. It’s really his evolution as a character, from a naive lovestruck innocent kid to the leader of a supernatural underground, Beacon Hills. 6B is very much about Scott and his friends becoming outsiders again, becoming pariahs, and about fear of the other, fear of the outsider, which is also a reflection of our current cultural political climate.”

Regardless of the changes that lie ahead for Scott and the McCall Pack, there's no doubt that Scott will remain, at his core, a good guy who has been forced to lead because of one bite that changed his life forever.

Teen Wolf returns on July 30th on MTV.

Do you think Scott will ever change into a darker Alpha?

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