ByAnne Parsons, writer at
Anne Parsons

The new trailer for upcoming film Wolves has just been released. The clip shows the main character Cayden Richards' world fall into disarray in the wake of turning into a werewolf. He goes on the run after murdering his parents, and ends up in a small town where he makes the acquaintance of other wolves like him.

The film is the directorial debut of X-Men and Watchmen 2 screenwriter, David Hayter, so it will be interesting to see what fans think.

The film stars X-Men: First Class‘ , Watchmen‘s , and Game of Thrones‘ . and round out the cast.

Bloody Disgusting likens the film to the tv show Teen Wolf "on steroids". The comparison is quite an easy one to make, but perhaps a bit unfair. What did you think? Post a comment below!




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