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If you grew up in the '90s, there's a strong chance that you watched Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The series — which starred Dean Cain as the Man of Steel and Teri Hatcher as the intrepid reporter — was synonymous for paying a lot of attention to Clark Kent's relationship with Lois Lane, rather than just focusing on his crime-fighting escapades as .

It aired on ABC from 1993 until 1997 and made household names of Cain and Hatcher. However, after four seasons of bringing in superheroic ratings, the show was cancelled after a new timeslot saw a dramatic decrease in viewership. But that didn't stop from becoming one of the most iconic superhero shows of all time. And now the actors are back together.

Lois And Clark Soar To New Heights

This week Teri Hatcher took to Instagram to share an image worthy of the , as she reunited with Dean Cain atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It seems the pair are still fond of those old days flying through Metropolis together as they recreated their iconic Lois and Clark poses:

But this isn't the first time the pair have been in the same place at the same time this year, as they both ventured to the fictional National City to guest-star on . Cain has had a recurring role on the series since the beginning, portraying Jeremiah Danvers — Kara's adoptive father — while Hatcher showed up this season as the evil Queen of Daxam, Rhea. However, despite appearing in the same episode, the two never interacted.

While they were in Australia, Cain sat down with 7 News Sydney for an interview, during which he was asked about the possibility of a Lois & Clark revival. The veteran actor responded enthusiastically:

"Well, you know what, we ended our show after four seasons in a weird way because we’re supposed to do a fifth season...I think we still need a fifth season, we need something, at least part of a fifth season. So I’m hoping that we get a chance to maybe finish up the series.

Maybe it’s six episodes, maybe it’s ten episodes, maybe it’s a two-hour movie. But I think it would be really interesting to catch up with these two characters twenty years down the line and see what’s happened in their lives. If they have had children or what’s going on with their kids, I think it’s really interesting and I’m certainly willing to...Teri says she is willing to so we’ll see if that can happen. Somebody out there from Warner Bros: make that happen, let’s go!"

While we don't know if we will see that Lois & Clark revival, that didn't stop the iconic duo from staging their own reunion just for us. And judging from the photo above, Lois and Clark look just as good as ever.

Were you happy to see Hatcher and Cain's epic reunion? Do you wish they shared the screen on Supergirl? Let us know in the comments below!


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