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Tino Jochimsen

Term Life, the most promising project on ’s slate, is back on track - which is good news because the star could use a career shift.

His latest movie, The Internship, didn’t exactly burn down the box office ( it gorssed $44 million domestically). It was also pretty much slaughtered by the critics, as were many of his other recent comedies (Couples Retreat, The Watch, Four Christmases).

Term Life seemed to be an extremely promising project for Vaughn if only because it marked such a distinct change in genre.

The thriller based on the Image Comics graphic novel by Andy Lieberman and Nick Thornborrow centers on a criminal (to be played by Vaughn) whose days are numbered and who decides to do the right thing and take out a life insurance with his estranged daughter () as the sole benefactor. He just has to stay alive long enough for the insurance to become active...

We already reported on the ditch Term Life found itself in when Universal decided to pull the plug on the flick. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, QED International and Worldview have decided to lend a helping, dollar-filled hand.

Universal remains the domestic distributor.

What do you think, will Term Life revive ’s career?


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