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Mark Newton

For the most part Terminator 5 is a mysterious machine. Sure, we know Thor: The Dark World director will direct, but plot, casting and the extent to which will be involved is still firmly under wraps. However, we do know one thing: When you'll be able to see it.

ScreenCrush has just announced that the new movie, simply titled Terminator Genisys, will be made available to the movie-going public on July 1st 2015. Of course this places it smack-bang into the middle of one of the most competitive summer blockbuster periods we're likely to see for sometime.

T5 will have to battle the likes of The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Jurassic World to take the summer action movie heavy-weight belt.

Considering the less than stellar performance of Terminator: Salvation, it seems that Terminator will be a reboot of the series leading to a new standalone trilogy. This isn't surprising considering Arnie isn't really in the shape to continue from where Terminator 3 left off from.

Interestingly, Terminator 5 has been brought forward from it's previously announced release date of July 26th. This means it will release only a month after The Avengers 2 during the extremely competitive July 4th holiday period. Perhaps The Avengers fever may have died down enough to give it a chance, but it'll certainly be a tough fight.

What do you think? Can Terminator 5 dominate summer 2015, or is the franchise already finished? Let us know below.


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