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has proven to us time and time again that he'll be back...and back...and back...

At least as long as there's interest in more Terminator films, that is. And with the last film, Terminator: Salvation, performing surprisingly poorly at the box office, even with a stellar cast that starred and , interest in the franchise has appeared to be at an all-time low these past few years, at least as far as the studios financing a potential Terminator Genisys are concerned. We now know why the last film flopped (a miscast director in McG, and a terrible ending...seriously, what WAS that?), and they are reasons that could easily be remedied with a stronger director and better writing team, but the biggest hurdle is still getting studio backing.

In January, the issue of landing better writers and a tighter script was addressed when the writing team of and were tapped to pen a fifth script. With solid scripts for Drive Angry and Shutter Island under their belts, Terminator 5 should be in capable hands, at least as far as a story goes. Schwarzenegger has also promised he'd be back for the fifth movie, and even though director had to step back from helming the next film when it ran into scheduling conflicts with Fast & Furious 6, he recently indicated he'd be open to still directing Terminator 5 provided it fit into his schedule. So that's Arnold, solid writers, and a tentative director all slated to be on board. But what about financing?

According to The Wrap, that biggest of hurdles might soon be cleared. Husband and wife team and , whose companies (Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Productions, respectively) currently own the rights to the franchise, have been in negotiations with Paramount Pictures to distribute Terminator 5. While nothing is set in stone, this is still the biggest step forward for the project's progress in 4 years. If a deal between the Ellisons and the studio is inked, expect to hear news of production and release dates shortly thereafter.

In an interesting note, the recently updated copyright laws for North America have made it so that the rights to the franchise will revert back to himself in 2019. With no guarantee he'll want to sell the rights to another studio or let the franchise die, Paramount would be smart to make this movie happen sooner rather than later.

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