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Mark Newton

Australia's resident horror aficionado is returning, and he's bringing some rather disturbing friends with him. Director-writer Matthew Holmes is teaming up with Wolf Creek director (who will produce) to deliver Territorial, a new outback horror which claims to combine a 'Western' style with a gritty 'creature horror'.

We've just our first photo at what goes down down-under, and you'll probably won't be surprised to discover it will involve screaming and monsters. Check it out below:

(via Bloody Disgusting)

So far, there's not much exact information about the story will entail, however the official synopsis states:

Pursued by a dark and ancient force of nature, a group of escaped outlaws must join forces with those who hunt them to fight their way out of a forbidden and feared valley deep in a mountain wilderness.

Territorial will go up for sale at his years Cannes festival, but there's no news yet on a wider distribution.

What do you think? How is Territorial shaping up to you? Give me your opinion below.


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