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Sure, Hulk can smash puny gods and Thor himself is the god of — wait, "What were you the god of again?". But it turns out that their strength may pale in comparison to the might of Valkyrie, if a new interview with Tessa Thompson is anything to go by.

Valkyrie Ragna-Rocks Harder Than Thor & Hulk Combined

Speaking to during SDCC 2017, Thor: Ragnarok star and all round badass Tessa Thompson discussed her character's relationship with The Grandmaster, explaining that their bond is strictly platonic. However, Thompson then continued to explain the specifics of their work, by revealing that Valkyrie is the one who brings both Hulk and Thor into his intergalactic arena.

"I bring the Grandmaster things that may be of interest to him, and one of those happens to be Thor. [The Grandmaster is] always grouping people together in fights, and I brought The Hulk to him, and so I bring Thor as a would-be contender, and hilarity ensues."

From what we've seen of Valkyrie in the trailers released so far, it's clear that the legendary Asgardian will hold her own in Ragnarok. But the fact that Valkyrie is able to suppress both Thor and Hulk and bring them to the Grandmaster suggests a whole new level of might.

But How Does Valkyrie Overpower Thor & Hulk?

Inspired by Norse mythology, the Valkyrior are warrior goddesses who brought fallen heroes to the gates of Valhalla, and among them, Brunnhilde (otherwise known as Valkyrie) was the strongest of them all. With otherworldly strength and an enchanted sword named Dragonfang by her side, Valkyrie rode into battle on her winged horse Aragorn. She kicked ass time and time again in the comics, fighting alongside both The Defenders and Avengers at different stages.

The Incredible Hulk [Credit: Marvel Comics]
The Incredible Hulk [Credit: Marvel Comics]

While it's safe to assume that Valkyrie will possess similar abilities in Thor: Ragnarok, what remains unclear is how she will bring Thor and Hulk to The Grandmaster's Arena exactly — and even how they ended up in space in the first place! We know that Thor will be left bereft of Mjolnir when he encounters Valkyrie, which will also certainly give her an advantage. Fans of the comics already know that the Asgardian warrior is no push-over, but it's also possible that Valkyrie may gain the upper hand over these two "work friends" through some kind of technology or magic, perhaps even using the element of surprise. After all, Valkyrie has never overpowered the Hulk in Marvel comics, at least to our knowledge.

The Incredible Hulk [Credit: Marvel Comics]
The Incredible Hulk [Credit: Marvel Comics]

However, Thompson also spoke recently to IGN about her character's relationship with Thor, suggesting that Valkyrie could still dominate the God of Thunder in Ragnarok, despite their respective physicalities:

"[Valkyrie] cuts [Thor] down so to size, and that's so exciting because Chris Hemsworth is a big person. To be able to cut someone down to size and you can't even look them in the eye is just so fantastic."

Stan Lee may have decided who would win in a fight between Hulk and Thor, but now it looks as though both heroes may have finally met their match in Valkyrie, providing fans with the strongest female hero we've seen yet in the MCU — and boy, are they going to need her in the fight against Hela. Screw Team Cap or Team Iron Man. Team Thor is going to be the one to beat, and Valkyrie more than holds her weight in this formidable crew.

Are you excited to see Valkyrie kick some ass in Thor: Ragnarok? Let me know in the comments!

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