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Leatherface may have to keep his chainsaw in its box for a little while longer yet, as a sequel to Texas Chainsaw 3D may not be arriving as quickly as we first thought/feared. Reports had suggested that Millennium Films head honcho, Avi Lerner, wanted production on to be fast tracked, but according to the movie's rights holders, Carl Mazzocone and Mark Burg, no work on the sequel has yet begun. Also, apparently, Millennium Films had no right to announce the movie in the first place. Deadline reported Burg as saying:

The rights are controlled by Carl and Main Line Pictures, no matter what Millennium says. Millennium simply sold the foreign rights and they will not tell us when a sequel is ready to be made. The script was developed by Carl, myself and writer/director John Luessenhop. Millennium and about ten producers came aboard only when we needed their check. Maybe they’re looking for something to sell at Berlin, but they have no right to announce this sequel and if we make another it has to be as good or better than this one and that takes time.

They want to the sequel to be as good or better than the first movie? With a rating of 21% on Rotten Tomatoes that shouldn't be too hard. Watching Leatherface cut the grass would be more entertaining than Texas Chainsaw 3D, it appears.

That being said, the movie has been a surprisingly big commercial hit, bringing in $21 million already and beating both Django Unchained and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at the box office last weekend. Despite this small difference of opinion between studio and rights holders, I expect will get the green light sooner rather than later. Whether or not that is a good thing is open for debate.

Would you like to see another Texas Chainsaw movie, or is it time to hack the franchise into little pieces and let it die?



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