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The hot summer months are officially upon us! The sun is out and the air smells of grass trimmings and BBQ. Now, if you're like me, then every summer you have a few films that you like to dust off this time of year. For me, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an annual summer viewing staple. There is something so sweaty, sticky and hot about the film (OK, that sounded weird), but the setting makes it the perfect summer watch.

There have been a lot of Texas Chainsaw films to hit the big screen over the years, including the upcoming Leatherface prequel expected to drop in October. Each film is unique in its own right, and while the original 1974 film is, of course, iconic, I really enjoy 2003 remake starring Jessica Biel. There is something so terrifying about the film that gives me the creeps every time that I watch it; perhaps it's the creepy police footage that bookends the supposed "true story."

As I was watching this bad boy last night, I decided to do a little research, and I discovered a few facts that you probably didn't know about (2003).

9. Jessica Biel Was Not The First Choice For The Lead Role

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: New Line Cinema]
'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: New Line Cinema]

Although she makes the perfect scream queen, Mrs. Justin Timberlake was not the producer's first choice to play Erin. Her audition tape certainly proves them wrong. Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes and Kristen Dunst were all considered for the role of the final girl.

8. The Film Was Banned In Ukraine

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: New Line Cinema]
'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: New Line Cinema]

The Ministry of Culture banned the film, presumably due to its harsh nature.

7. Eric Balfour Stripped Naked

On his final day of shooting, Eric Balfour (who played Kemper) stripped completely nude of his sweaty costume that he had spent the whole shoot wearing. The moment can be seen on the DVD special features — it's a real treat.

6. The Police Were Called To The Audition Room

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: New Line Cinema]
'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: New Line Cinema]

Erica Leerhsen, who played the free-spirited Pepper, screamed so loud during her audition that other people in the office building thought someone was actually in trouble. The police were eventually called after some people were convinced that she was being attacked.

5. Erin Was Pregnant

If you pay close attention to some of the dialogue, you will notice that Erin (Jessica Biel) mentions how nauseous she is and she also refuses to "smoke the weed" or "drink the water" in Mexico. In some scenes that were left on the cutting room floor, it is revealed that her character was actually pregnant. This could also explain why she is so intent on rescuing the baby at the end of the film.

4. Marilyn Manson Was Almost Involved In The Film

In 2002, the famed musical artist announced that he was going to be composing the music for the film. He had to eventually drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

3. The House Is An Actual, Working Farm

I always thought the house was one of the scariest movie sets in contemporary cinema. It turns out that not much had to be added to the aging farmhouse. To this day it is still someone's private residence, and some people who have gone to visit the real location have shared stories of their encounters with the less-than-friendly homeowners.

2. The Original Leatherface Was Supposed To Make An Appearance

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit:	Bryanston Pictures]
'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: Bryanston Pictures]

Gunnar Hansen (the OG Leatherface) was asked to play the role of the truck driver at the end of the film, but reportedly turned it down because the producers weren't willing to cough up enough cash.

1. Erin Goes To A Mental Asylum

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: New Line Cinema]
'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' [Credit: New Line Cinema]

If you have never watched the deleted scenes, then you probably don't know that there was originally a different set of scenes that bookend the film. They featured Erin, now much older and stuck inside a mental asylum, recounting her horrifying experience to a journalist. She confides that the cops captured the wrong man, and a S.W.A.T. team barges into a house attempting to locate the real Leatherface. Their attempt fails, and Leatherface exits the house safely. In the final cut, those scenes were replaced with the faux police footage, which is much more effective if you ask me.

Which Chainsaw facts did you find most interesting? Leave us a buzz in the comments below!


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