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Marvel fans were treated to a surprise first glimpse of Thanos's new look at D23 yesterday and the big purple, big bad has pared down his elaborate golden wardrobe in a big way.

Thanos's intimidating incarnation was unveiled in sculpture form shaking his fist with rage atop a giant rock in the Marvel Studios booth:

From the top of the power-hungry villains bald crown to his skull-crushing combat boots, there are a lot of changes to take in here. Thanos has shed his somewhat theatrical fantasy image for a more practical combat-style look that appears ten times more battle-ready than the old golden garb.

Check out the image below of Thanos casually floating around on his space-throne in Guardians of the Galaxy to see just how drastic the outfit change really is:

Thanos is a whole lot more gold an armoured in GotG [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Thanos is a whole lot more gold an armoured in GotG [Credit: Marvel Studios]

While the garb Thanos sports on his rocket-powered throne has a ceremonial feel to it, the sculpture presented at D23 brings the Mad Titan down to earth in a way that seems wholly appropriate for his inevitable clash with the Avengers.

Although plot details about The Avengers: Infinity War are thin on the ground, we know that the Guardians of the Galaxy crew will team up with them, suggesting that the movie will take part both in space and on earth.

Bearing this in mind, it's not an enormous stretch to assume that the D23 sculpture gives us a glimpse of how Thanos will look when he lands with an almighty crash on terra firma.

Infinity War is almost a year away so Marvel are really firing up the hype-machine early with this reveal and generously allowing fans ample time to generate some batshit fan theories in the meantime. So, I suggest you grab your popcorn, head to Reddit and watch the madness explode while you wait for the movie's May 4, 2018, release date.

What do you think Thanos's new look means for the Mad Titan in Infinity War?


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