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Dania Lerman

So you're walking home on a Saturday afternoon to your Glasgow flat. It's cloudy and you're pissed because you just watched Rangers get crushed by Celtic.

Then this van pulls over and you're like ""

The driver rolls down the window and your frustration immediately vanishes because she's a TOTAL babe.

She smiles and in husky Queen's English asks if you can help her find the M8.

You smile back and start to point her in the right direction, but then she cuts you off and says "Do you think I'm attractive?"

You do some nervous chuckling and fumble for words because you totally want to tap that, but can't help but start feeling a little ...uncomfortable.

Then all of a sudden: "CUT!"

The trunk flies open and a production team tumbles out and hands you some papers explaining you were just filmed for a major motion picture starring SCARLETT JOHANSSON (!!!) and would you please sign this release form so they can use the footage.

So basically, you were just picked up by Scarlett Johansson and now you're a movie star.

Under the Skin was mostly shot in the real world, with Johansson interacting with unknowing pedestrians as an undercover alien seductress.

Director Jonathan Glazer told The Telegraph "...the story needed that texture that you only get from reality. We couldn’t have manufactured or contrived it.”

In fact, they stuck to reality so closely that the completely naked body on screen is actually Scarlett's.

Here's to getting picked up by Scarlett Johansson!


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