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Matt Carter

The Walking Dead Magazine Issue #3 has revealed that a pivotal scene from Season 2 involving Daryl Dixon was cut on the request of . The scene in question would have seen Daryl get wasted on drugs after finding a reanimated Sophia in Hershel's barn, but Reedus convinced the scriptwriters to scrap it because he felt that it didn't accurately reflect the direction in which his character was going. Reedus explained:

There was an early draft of the script set after finding Sophia in the barn, where Daryl was taking drugs. I got the script and spoke with [season three showrunner] Glen Mazzara and the writers, and I was like, "Can we please change that? I don't want to take drugs at all. I want to grow up and not be like my brother." I wanted it to be embarrassing for me to grow up like that, and now that I wasn't under Merle's influence, I hoped that Daryl would become the man that he wanted to be in the first place.

It shows the level of trust the showrunner and writers have in their actors to allow them so much input into the creative process on the show. Reedus was on point to want the scene removed; Daryl has since become proof that people can adapt positively in the face of adversity. He's become the symbol of strength and morality for the group, the person Rick turns to for guidance. This might not have been the case if he'd followed his brother's example and gone off the chemical deep-end.

What do you guys think about the scene change? Would the show have been better if Daryl had gone off the rails, or are you happy to see him clean?


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