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And lo, on the seventh day, Our Lord and Nerd King came down from the Heavens, whereupon he hoisted the Holy Quill and annointed the pages of Thor: The Dark World, rewriting the scenes with strokes of golden fire...

If you were paying attention to the internet last week, you may have noticed all the stories about Joss Whedon riding in and saving 'Thor 2' from certain doom. At least, the opening paragraph was about the level of reverence and hyperbolic speech being used by the internet.

But superhero master Whedon set the record straight on his Twitter account, downplaying the involvement he had on the script rewrites while offering a cheeky remark about being 's body double:

To be fair, part of the overexaggeration was the fault of director himself, who opened the original conversation about the Whedon rewrites with, "Joss came in to save our lives a couple of times," so it's understandable why Whedon's role in the rewrites was somewhat overblown.

Either way, WHATEVER. We're getting Thor 2 on November 8, we know the scenes were made better because of Whedon, and we know we'll be getting even more Loki. No matter how it went down, it's a win for fans, no?

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