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Fans of Disney's That's So Raven are probably going to want to pop a couple of chill grills in a minute, for a reunion shot of cast members Anneliese van der Pol and Kyle Massey is causing folks to lose their nostalgic little minds.

As if it weren't frustrating enough waiting with baited breath for any morsel of news regarding the sequel series — this photo of Chelsea Daniels and her biggest admirer, Cory Baxter, back together again only reinforces how badly we need this show to becoming a thing. Like, immediately please:

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We're not sure yet whether Massey will be joining van der Pol and Raven Baxter for the comeback show, which will see Baxter as a single mother with two kids but still up to the same old antics. However, considering he responded to the above Instagram with "Call me," and "Love you mucho ❤❤," it would seem like he's still in character:

'That's So Raven' [Credit: The Disney Channel]
'That's So Raven' [Credit: The Disney Channel]

Would you love to see Massey return in the That's So Raven spin-off series?


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