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Disney child star both shocked and made many fans happy when she announced on The View that she would be leaving the show so that she could return to the Disney Channel for a spin-off of her former hit show That's So Raven.

The spin-off finally got an official title: Raven's Home. It will find Raven and her best friend, Chelsea (played again by Anneliese Van der Pol) moving in together with their kids as two single mothers. There has yet to be news on if Orlando Brown as Eddie will return. Seriously, there's nothing. The only mention is when YouTuber Alonzo Lerone posted a tweet that he'd be replacing Brown in the role.

It turned out to all be a joke, of course, though there's still no news on Brown's return.

The show seems to be focusing on the children, however, with child actors Isaac Brown and Navia Robinson playing Raven's twin kids, Booker and Nia. Nia will be the one to inherit her mother's special abilities, causing some trouble in the slightly crowded house.

While little is known about the show, I am sure that I speak for many fans when I say that I can't wait to see it brought back with so many of the cast and a new generation of psychics.


Are you excited about 'Raven's Home'?

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