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This summer should be leaving a smile on more than a few faces. In terms of major releases, we saw some impressive blockbusters: Man of Steel, World War Z, Fast and Furious 6, This is the End, and, the most underrated of the summer, The Great Gatsby and White House Down. There was more movies that satisfied this summer, but those were the top tier blockbusters we saw this season.

Now we enter a time with little explosions to be found: oscar season. There's some exciting films coming out this fall season, both big and small, and more than a few of these 10 pics we will hear more about come Awards Season.

To see which films I'm referring to, check out the 10 most exciting films coming out this fall:

  • Ender's Game
  • Orson Scott Card will push some potential ticket buyers away with his homophobic craziness in the coming months, but I'm sure that'll also draw a few people in. However, this movie isn't dependent on how Card handles himself in public, but whether director Gavin Hood delivers the goods, and that's all that matters at the end of the day. This is an adaptation that's been through development for a long time, for a series of reasons, but now there's enough technical wizardry to bring Ender Wiggin's story to life. Despite** X-Men Origins: Wolverine**, Hood is a good filmmaker and he has a piece of gold in his hands when it comes to Card's novel.

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • Hunger Games didn't only work its magic on fans, but it took wind with non-fans as well. I, for example, had never read more than a few pages of the series. I wasn't enticed enough to keep reading, but director Gary Ross got me hook, line, and sinker for the adaptations. Ross isn't behind the camera anymore, but Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, Constantine) is. He can bring a required intimacy to large scale action, so he's an ideal replacement for Ross.

  • Carrie
  • Brian De Palma's Carrie has its problems. It's an undeniably good horror movie, but it's strange how little of it is focused on Carrie herself. You spend so much time with side characters that aren't half as interesting as that red haired teenage girl. There's room for improvement and a modern day take, and hiring director Kimberly Pierce was a step in the right direction to making this remake standout.

  • Captain Phillips
  • Not many filmmakers packed as much punch as Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Trilogy). Not because of his shaky cam style, but his knack for efficient storytelling. His movies move at a bullet train pace, and yet retain a sense of personality and drama. That approach suits the heroic story he's taking on with Captain Phillips.

  • Nebraska
  • Alexander Payne's stock got raised by The Descendants. It was a commercial and critical hit Payne is reliable for. He's one of the sharpest and most honest directors around, having yet to make a dud. His black-and-white father-son pic, based on early reviews, is another winner from Mr. Payne.

  • Rush
  • An inspiring true story about ambition, failure, and comebacks. If you don't know anything about Niki Lauda and James Hunt's Formula 1 rivalry, then Rush should be a great history lesson for you. Ron Howard is at his best with these oscar hopeful dramas, and after The Dilemma and Angels & Demons, it's nice to see him return to that territory and push himself as a filmmaker. Rush looks to be his most visually engaging work in years.

  • Gravity
  • Seven years is a tedious wait for another Alfonso Cuaron film. That's how long it's been since Children of Men, and Gravity had a lot to do that with that gap. This was no easy undertaking for Cuaron & Co. From what I've heard, their ambition pays off with an intense 90 minute thriller set in space. And apparently, Sandra Bullock is a lock for another best actress nomination.

  • The Counselor
  • All Ridley Scott needs is a good script to make a helluva a movie. With acclaimed author Cormac McCarthy's (No Country for Old Men) name on this script, it's difficult to imagine Scott and his excellent stars not having enough juicy material to play with. Scott has mostly been reliable these days, but it's been over seven years since his last great film, Kingdom of Heaven: The Director's Cut, so the chance of another timeless gem from Scott is very exciting.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • There's not really a whole lot to discuss here. It's another Martin Scorsese movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, so it's a real no brainer for success. We didn't even need that fantastic trailer to sell us on its potential. Plus, it's nice to see DiCaprio doing more comedic work nowadays.

  • The Spikes
  • If you were wondering, "Where's Spike Jonze's new film Her? How about Oldboy?!" Well, now you have your answer. Their sole similarity that we know of is the two directors share a first name, and that's good enough reason to make them a tie. Spike Jonze and Spike Lee our two of our best working filmmakers and they both are exploring new territory with these projects. Jonze has to make a potentially ridiculous concept believable, while Lee has a ton of hard-to-please Oldboy fans to watch out for. With two filmmakers this talented, I'm sure they'll prevail.

    Honorable Mentions: All Is Lost, Dallas Buyers Club, Don Jon, Thor: The Dark World, and Runner Runner.


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