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The 100 has been a surprise hit for The CW, and with each passing season, the show continues to takes bigger and bolder risks. Season 4 concluded with a massive six-year time jump and the arrival of a new enemy. We still don’t know how the crew survived the half-dozen years after the death wave, but thanks to The 100 panel at , we have a better idea of what is to come in Season 5.

The 100 Season 5 Sizzle Reel And Recap Video

The video released by The CW at SDCC 2017 holds no new footage, but it does set the stage for what is to come in Season 5. The voiceover is told in the style of a fairy tale by Clarke’s "daughter," Madi. We were introduced to Madi in the closing moments of the Season 4 finale, and in this sizzle reel, she is revealed to be a fellow survivor of the death wave — presumably because she is a night blood.

The video also reveals that Clarke survived the death wave solely because she is a night blood, thanks to the blood therapy, and that she wandered the world alone until she found Madi. The video ends with some foreshadowing; this 24-year-old Clarke is ready to face any monster (probably the people in the prison ship) who stand against her.

The Cast Gives Details About The 100 Season 5

The 100 SDCC 2017 panel was a delight for those in attendance, with Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Bob Morley (Bellamy), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), Lindsey Morgan (Raven), Richard Harmon (Murphy), Chris Larkin (Monty) and Tasya Teles (Echo) on stage, as well as the show’s producers, Dean White and Jason Rothenberg. The cast and producers were asked a series of questions, and they gave fans a bit of insight into what is next for our heroes.

Jason Rothenberg revealed where the ship that appeared in the Season 4 finale is from, and why it has arrived on Earth:

“The prison ship is from Earth. They’re from before the first apocalypse. They were in hyper-sleep for 100 years. They’ve come back to this planet that they don’t recognize. All that’s left is this Garden of Eden that Clarke’s been living in with her daughter.”

Eliza Taylor spoke about how Clarke might be different in The 100 Season 5 , and how she is approaching the changes as an actor:

“It’s nice to be playing someone a little closer to my age. It’ll be exciting to see her as a 24-year-old woman who’s been through so much, and is now taking on this maternal role.”

Marie Avgeropoulos revealed that Octavia is determined to survive in the bunker, and has taken to leadership in her own unique way:

“Octavia doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing, but she doesn’t want to set off chaos with 1,200 people in the bunker. You’ll see what her plan is to keep the peace and how she reprimands others in her own special way.”

Richard Harmon talked about how all of the survivors in space are fairing, and how they all undergo changes during the six-year time jump:

“All of us have to change up in space. It’s freeing in a lot of ways. Over six years, a lot of therapy can happen. Murphy’s definitely going to change.”

Christopher Larkin touched on Monty's relationship with Harper, and how things could have change since the last time we saw them:

“Harper is Monty’s main lifeline at the current moment. He owes her his life. She chose him. I don’t know if they’re still together. Maybe Monty and Murphy are together. It’s been six years!”

Other than small bits of information, there were no big revelations regarding The 100 Season 5, but it was nice to hear how passionate the cast is about the show. One thing is for sure: The 100 Season 5 is going to throw us into a new world, and after six years of chaos, we can’t wait to see how our favorite characters have survived.

Check out The 100 Season 5 when it returns to the CW in 2018.

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(Source: TV Line)


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