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The 100 will finally make its return to The CW Wednesday, Feb. 1 2017, and we couldn't be more excited! After a riveting 3rd season which really raised the bar for the show, fans have been waiting for a glimpse of the the 4th season, for quite some time now. Well, the wait is officially over. The CW have released the Season 4 trailer, and it shows that all of the survivors' efforts so far may have been for naught.

The trailer for Season 4 has shown us a sneak peak of what's to come for the inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic Earth, and it appears the entire planet may be at risk. On top of that, we see the interpersonal struggles of our favorite characters, as everyone tries to cope with the aftermath of A.L.I.E., and their time in the City of Light. There is a ton of footage packed in this 3 minute trailer, so let's take a closer look at what's to come in Season 4 of The 100.

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Nuclear Meltdown

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

In the Season 3 finale of , we learned the fallout from A.L.I.E.'s original attempt to destroy mankind (by launching launching nuclear missiles all over the globe) has caused all of the nuclear reactors on Earth to melt down. The survivors on Earth are now living on borrowed time, and they will have to find a way to stop the reactors, or face extermination.

A.L.I.E. predicts what would happen to the planet as the reactors start to meltdown, and it sounds profoundly terrifying:

  • 96% of the Earth's surface will become uninhabitable
  • Black rain will fall from the sky
  • Their will be no drinkable water
  • Precancerous lesions will form on people exposed to the radiation

A.L.I.E. caps off her list of horrible events, with the haunting phrase: "Death is inevitable". In the trailer, we see an example of each one of these predictions, as well as the survivors burning a great number of bodies. We know that Clarke has faced a lot of challenges since she fell to Earth; however, the fate of the planet now rest on her shoulders, and it might be too much for her to bear.

The Rise Of King Roan

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

We were introduced to Roan during first episode of Season 3, and his tenuous relationship with Clarke was a major through-line of the first half of last season. After losing his mother and sister, he appears to be on the warpath, and an all out war with the Ice Nation looks to be on the horizon.

We have very little information about why Roan and his army are riding into battle, but about a minute into the trailer, we do see Clarke staring down his army, which can't be good for Skaikru. Roan may have his sights set on conquering all of the tribes, and if that is his goal, then God help them all.

Descent In Arkadia

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

Several times in the trailer, we see various members of Arkadia at odds with Clarke. Her decisions as leader of Skaikru have always been controversial, but she always claims they are for the good of her people. As Clarke comes to terms with the events of last season, the remaining members of the 100 appear to be taking separate paths this season:

  • Monty is still dealing with the fact that he killed his mother. In the trailer we see him rage-out after an argument with Clarke.
  • Bellamy appears to be fine, even though he should still be reeling from his actions against the Grounders last season - specifically committing mass murder alongside Chancellor Pike.
  • Jasper is happy for once, and appears to have forgiven Clarke and Bellamy for the genocide at Mount Weather.
  • Raven is seen in the trailer limping away from someone while holding a gun, so we can surmise that she has found some trouble of her own to deal with.
  • Murphy is seen very little in the trailer, but we do see him handcuffed and secured by Clarke. This is nothing new, as every season he is either detained in someway.

We also caught a glimpse of some kind of inner struggle in the camp. Arkadians are trying to attack someone, and Kane is holding them at bay with a gun. All the characters seem to be immersed in some sort of trouble, and with the chaos we witnessed in this trailer, Arkadia might not be the safe haven it once was.

Okteivia Kom Skaikru

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

Out of all the characters on The 100, Octavia probably has the best arc. When the 100 first landed on Earth, she was helpless, and stood very little chance of survival without assistance. Over the past 3 seasons she has grown to become a bonafide badass. She has committed herself to the Grounders' lifestyle, learned to be a warrior, and has become one of the fiercest characters on the entire show.

In the Season 4 trailer, we see Octavia continuing down the path to become a warrior, even taking the mantle of Skairippa - which means death from above in Trigedasleng. We see her decimate a few warriors, and just genuinely kick a whole lot of ass.

We see Indra - one of the few original Trikru members left - who trained Octavia, proudly observing her young padawan becoming a formidable warrior. We have no idea where Octaivia's path is headed, but I would proudly call her my commander any day.

Final Thoughts

continues to be one of the most riveting shows on television, with its intense violence, life or death stakes, and diverse well-defined characters. Since the first season, death has been a looming presence on the show. We have come to learn that no characters are safe, nobody can be trusted, and hard decisions are a way of life. We don't know what the next season holds, but The 100 looks to raise the stakes yet again, and the fate of all life on Earth hangs in the balance. Make sure you catch up on Seasons 1-3 on Netflix, and don't miss the Season 4 premiere Wednesday, Feb. 1 2017 on The CW!


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