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, Nancy Thompson, Mia Allen, Laurie Strode. All of these horror movie characters represent the trope of the . They've faced terrible ordeals and dreadful enemies. They survived all because of their bravery and courage.

2016 saw a new generation of brave women in . All of them fought against and defeated nightmarish horrors that most of us couldn't even imagine. The following five characters survived the horrors, proving once and for all that brave and noble hearts are unconquerable and untamed.

1. Rocky — Don't Breathe

OK, defeating an old blind man doesn't seem like such a huge achievement, right? But what if I tell you that this old blind man is a killing machine who lacks mercy and remorse? Well, things change a little bit, right?

In Don't Breathe, Rocky and her friends plan to rob the house of a vision impaired army veteran, thinking that it would be an easy job. But after this seemingly weak and easy target kills her two friends in cold blood, she has no other option than to fight back. Rocky is on the list because she defeated one of the best supposed horror villains of the last few years — one who, despite his disability, can be as scary and deadly as any Big Bad.

2. Lizzy — The Monster

When we were children, most of us were afraid of everything and everyone. Many needed to sleep with a night light on or with the bedroom door open (not me, I have always been incredibly brave). There were even some of us who were too terrified to sleep alone, insisting on sleeping with our parents in their bed in order to keep the at bay.

This is why in The Monster, what Lizzy did when she tried to rescue her mother from the claws and jaws of a terrible is so remarkable. While most of us would have chosen to run away, she wasn't afraid to strike out at the beast. Lizzy was brave enough to risk her young life to save her mom.

3. Maddie — Hush

What would you do if a serial killer invaded your house and you had no chance of escaping or calling for help? Would you hide inside, hoping to remain out of sight until he went away? Or would you fight back?

This is the dilemma that Maddie had to face when she was attacked in her own home by a seasoned murderer. Of course, at the beginning, she only thought about escaping, something that most of us would have tried to do. But after realizing she had no choice but to fight back, she did so without hesitation. She visualized the situation, and just like a cobra, she counterattacked mercilessly.

4. Amber — Green Room

Do you remember that time when you were trapped inside a remote bar in the woods, surrounded by a horde of angry neo-Nazis who wanted to kill you? Well, me neither. Most likely, if I were faced with that situation, I would cry my heart out, lying on the floor waiting for someone to rescue me.

Luckily for Amber, one of the main characters of this film, she is nothing like me. She fought her way out of this chilling situation, lashing out against an interminable army of blood-thirsty radicals and a few rabid dogs. No easy feat.

5. Anna — Intruders

After three robbers break into her house, Anna does what any of us would have done: Trap them in the basement that she uses to kill and torture sexual abusers. We all have one of these in our homes, right?

Anna is on this list because regardless of how terrified she was, she fought back and punished the intruders. After this grueling battle, she gained a new confidence to dominate her greatest fear. Her true triumph wasn't defeating the criminals, but overcoming her crippling anxiety and phobias, and becoming a better human being because of it.

Who is your favorite horror heroine of 2016? Sound off in the comments section below.

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