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Clowns have been around for thousands of years. They began as colorful entertainers meant to ease pain or bring comfort. They served numerous different purposes around the world. Clowns became a common performance art because it was thought to bring about a variety of acting possibilities including being serious, comical and/or outlandish. The ability to be a clown meant the ability to be comfortable with performance. To make such a fool of oneself is to make a professional out of oneself. In more recent times the most common type of clown became the clowns of children's birthday parties. While clowns are meant to be happy, friendly and joyous they have become a secret fear for people around the world that suffer from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. The thought of a mysterious person, hiding behind a face of paint makes people uneasy. Evil clowns have been around for a while including a few silent movies and early productions of sad or maniacal clowns in Theatre. Following are the five most horrifying and evil clowns in history, whether fictitious or real.

5 . Pennywise the Dancing Clown from "It"

In 1990 Stephen King's "It" frightened children across the country with it's killer clown, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, also referred to simply as "It". This concept of an evil clown, while not an entirely new premise, popularized the notion of clowns being evil and many people blame "It" for the current stigma surrounding clowns. Pennywise would strike fear into the hearts of children then appear with his raspy voice and razor sharp teeth and murder the children.

4 . Needles Kane aka Sweet Tooth from "Twisted Metal"

The most memorable bad guy from the Twisted Metal video game franchise is the evil clown in the ice cream truck, Sweet Tooth. This psychotic bastard appeared on the cover of every installment to the video game franchise and is the only character that is personally connected to almost every character involved in the Twisted Metal competition. He is a serial killer, supposedly responsible for the deaths of some other drivers and their loved ones, or at least responsible for scarring other drivers. Sweet tooth is also the trend setter that other killers, mass murderers and psychopaths try to outdo. His trademark flaming head and laugh track strike terror into other drivers, letting them know his disgustingly evil ice cream truck lies in wait for the perfect moment to strike.

3 . Pogo the Clown aka John Wayne Gacy

Pogo was a clown that entertained birthday parties and worked events in clown garb that was traditional except for the pointed facial makeup. Clowns at this point had changed their face makeup to be more rounded off so they would not scare kids away. What made this clown evil was that behind the makeup and red nose lied the presence of serial killer and borderline mass murder, John Wayne Gacy, Jr. Gacy was responsible for the rapes and murders of 33 young men between 1972 and 1978. At first he began raping and beating young men he would kidnap or pick up at train stations but eventually he could no longer contain himself and his killing spree began. He would kidnap or lure young men and teenage boys and bring them to his house, rape them, kill them and bury their bodies in a crawlspace beneath his house. He eventually had so many bodies buried beneath his house that he had to resort to dumping several bodies in a nearby river. He was eventually captured and confessed. He no longer hid behind the tears of a clown.

2 . The Joker

The most formidable opponent in Batman's Rogues Gallery, the Joker has the highest body count in the DC Universe. He has been in video games, television shows, movies and of course the comic books spreading his maniacal laughter and causing death and pain everywhere he went. With a canvas that covers all forms of media, the Joker is by far one of the worse clowns ever to exist. Originally percieved as merely a homicidal maniac with no thought process and just a lust for killing and stealing, the Joker became a much more rounded out character, more psychotic and sadistic than originally perceived. In Alan Moore's The Killing Joke the Joker spends a day attempting to drive a man utterly insane by ruining his life with hit after hit, meanwhile flashing back to his failure as a stand up comic and reemergence into life as a mass murderer and serial killer. The fact that he tortures and murders regularly is only a small reason to his diagnosis as a maniacal madman. Batman is a man who cannot be taken, he cannot be hurt, he can never be defeated. While the Joker may never have actually killed him he sure has made Batman's life much more difficult. He killed Robin, Batman's sidekick, he paralyzed Barbara Gordon who was also Batgirl and he constantly wages a personal war with Gotham's hero. The worst part of it is that Batman can never kill the Joker and it is suggested that each one represents the other's necessity for life. One cannot live without the other otherwise the world would spin into utter chaos. This notion locks the two into a never ending battle that, in the end will cost Batman his sanity and so much more, a much more sadistic outcome to aim for than mere murder. In 2008 Joker seemed to reach beyond fantasy when Heath Ledger was cast to play the Joker in "The Dark Knight" and supposedly became so distraught at the insanity of the character that he was on heavy anti depressants and ended up overdosing. Of course, that was all just speculation but why not let the Joker's legend live on and live strong.

1 . Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald, seemingly kind and nice, yet inherently evil. Over 9 billion victims served, he brags. This clown is the representation of an evil marketing stranglehold on the world. Mr McDonald's endgame is to feed the world tons of artery clogging mock food presented as cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets and forcing customers to wash it down with fattening lard in the form of delicious milkshakes. His company can be held responsible for raising the cholesterol of folks in several different countries for his empire reaches far and wide. He often works as a pawn to a larger force of the golden arches to hook children into their feeding cycle, trapping them into a lifelong endeavor of poor diets and diabetes. What makes Ronald McDonald the worst clown ever is that his reach has surpassed and affected more people in a negative way than any other clown. His delightful antics and charming smile have gotten him far and with the current wave of health crazes and the evil glare of veganism around the corner, his days may be numbered. Don't get me wrong, I love McDonald's and their delicious food at a good price, but we would be kidding ourselves if we said Ronald McDonald wasn't a proponent for the dark side.

Any other clowns you think should be added onto the list?


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