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Nicolas Cage is 50 today! Obviously, he is as awesome and beloved as ever. To celebrate five decades of the great Cage, here's the 5 most important internet Nicolas Cage tributes, for the WIN.

5. Cagealot Castle

Cagealot Castle: Where Nicolas Cage and Awesome Collide. Word.

Cagealot has, well, a lot of links to seriously fantastic fan art, like this one from Mike Mitchell.

Amazing Nic Cage portrait from artist Mike Mitchell.

Fuel your multimedia Cage obsession at Cagealot Castle, for arts and crafts and more!

4. Hey Girl, it's Nic Cage

Amusing (and arousing?) memes, 'Hey Girl' gotcha covered.

No, really he won't. I already asked him.

Hey Girl, every Nic Cage fan needs a little lovin' from time to time.

3. Nic Cage as Everyone

You can tell it's not Kristen Stewart cuz she's kinda smiling.

So, you saw Nic Cage as Miley Cyrus. That probably got you wondering what Cage would look like as Everyone else, right? Warning: Nic Cage As Everyone may transform 'work time' into 'Nic Cage time'. But isn't this a good thing?

2. Nicolas Cage Roulette

Look at that lovely cloud of Nic Cage faces, you could just roll around in them for days.

Nicolas Cage Roulette will generate a random Nic Cage movie for US Netfix users. On a good day, you might get Wild at Heart. On a bad day, you might get Drive Angry. But it's not really a bad day with Nic Cage...

1. Nic Cage Losing His Sh*t


Does exactly what it says on the tin. Noone rocks losing their sh*t quite like .

And, y'know...this.

One girl's love for Nicolas Cage, courtesy of

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