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Phil Waldenserio

Leonardo Dicaprio has been nominated for Academy Awards several times including tonight, and he STILL hasn't won. Chin up, big guy, it's gonna be okay. We present the 5 stages of Leo still not winning:

Stage 1: Denial

This can't be happening. There's been a mistake, right? RIGHT?

Stage 2: Anger

Are you seriously kidding me!? I turn out here dressed up every year and all I get is a bunch of gifs made of my sad face.

Stage 3: Bargaining

C'mon, can't I just have one for Django? You saw that, it was really good!

Stage 4: Depression

Oh god, have a heart guys, I even did J. Edgar trying to get one of these.

Stage 5: Acceptance

It's okay. I'm fine. Just blink back the tears Leo. So... what're you doing next year, Marty?

Maybe next time kid!


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