ByDania Lerman, writer at
Dania Lerman

They took over the internet, took over Miley Cyrus at the AMAs, and now they've come for Hollywood.

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the world: Y'all better stock up on lint brushes, because the CATS have GOT the big screen.

Get ready for some major CATtitude:

Fight Club? Try CATFIGHT Club:

Proud to be American? Boooooring. AMEOWica is CLEARLY where it's at:

What? You like Pulp Fiction? Don't you mean...PURR Fiction?

Casablanca? What EVER. I wanna get my hands (I mean paws) on some CATablanca!

Move it, Hitler! Time to DownFURBall!

Wonderland? Whatever-land. Let's do some WHISKERland!

It's a bird, it's a plane - no, it's a (C)AI(T)LIEN!!!!

Hey Tarantino, guess who's unchained now:

KITTY. Kitty is unchained.


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