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has been chatting about what we can expect from his character, Harry Osborn, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - and it seems like we could be going down the dark and gritty route once again...

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the star revealed this:

It's certainly going be my version. Ultimately my job is to portray a living, breathing human being and to act truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Sometimes you know that involves terrorizing an entire city, sometimes that involves getting intimate with Michael C. Hall [Kill Your Darlings], and sometimes that involves playing a billionaire scion.

I like DeHaan's demeanor, he's got vigor. DeHaan also suggests that his version of Harry might be a little more troubled than 's incarnation of the character:

Everybody has their own set of circumstances and problems, and I think you know Harry Osborn certainly got a list of problems. Just because he goes home and sleeps in his penthouse at night and has a ton of money doesn't mean he's a happy person.

I imagine he'll be trying to win over his father's affection like Harry always does, and his father will use him to get inside info on Peter, since it's obvious Norman already knows that he's Spider-Man. Perhaps he'll screw Peter over or something. I'm also guessing Harry is somewhat of an outcast, since, you know; not everyone is born into a billion dollar family...

Do you think DeHaan's Harry will match up to Franco's? Let us know in the comment section below.


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