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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Here it is, the first official look at Spidey's suit for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'. Let's play spot the difference!

(via ComingSoon)

The biggest differences seem to be the fabric itself, and the placement and style of the spider emblem. Personally, I think it's more a compromise between the most recent Spidey suit from The Amazing Spider-Man, which sort of reminded me of a cross between an open-weave football jersey, a basketball, and a Nike Flyknit sneaker:

...and the smoother suit with more open web-overlay that wore in the -directed franchise:

That has me thinking we might be finished with the "Heart of Darkness" take on Spidey, and moving back toward a more classic comic book approach.

What do you think Spider-Man's new look says about what we can expect for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Let me know in the comments.


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