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's wall-crawling sequel to his Spider-Man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is starting to get a bit villain-heavy. We already know that has been cast in the role of Electro (even though Foxx revealed he might start out as Spidey's sidekick? What?), and joining him as the tough-skinned Rhino. There have also been rumors of Venom, Vulture, the blood-sucking Morbius potentially appearing in the sequel, as well.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter is confirming that the film is definitely getting another villain in the form of veteran actor as Norman Osborn (which our Will totally called, by the way), the brilliant and terminally-ill head of Oscorp.

With two villains already cast in the film, you have to wonder if Cooper's Osborn, at least for the duration of this movie, will remain in his original role as Peter Parker's mentor and father of Peter's best friend, Harry. You'd hate to see it take a wrong turn into Spider-Man 3 territory, with too many antagonists and plotlines diluting the diabolical impact of each villain (sorry, , but I speak the truth).

Cooper, who will be stepping into the role previously made famous by in Raimi's trilogy, is an Academy Award-winning actor, having landed an Oscar for his work in 2002's Adaptation. He can next be seen in August: Osage County.


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